1. (TCO 2) When creating a password, users tend to use _____.

SEC 280 Principles of Information Systems Security Week 2 Quiz Answers


1. (TCO 2) When creating a password, users tend to use _____.

2. (TCO 2) All of the following are techniques used by a social engineer except _____.

3. (TCO 2) What is PKCS?

4. (TCO 2) What is Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)?

5. (TCO 8) Electronic signatures in the Global and National Commerce Act _____.

6. (TCO 8) What is the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act?

7. (TCO 8) What is a law passed by a legislative branch of government called?

8. (TCO 8) A video rental store shares its customer database with a private investigator. The rental store may have violated which law?

9. (TCO 8) Which law prohibits the collection of information from children on websites?

10. (TCO 8) Which act requires credit agencies to perform timely investigations on inaccuracies reported by consumers?