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A ___ is a device that receives digital signals and converts them into analog signals, and vice versa

  • CMIT 321 Ethical Hacking Final Exam Answers

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  • A __________ is a device that receives digital signals and converts them into analog signals, and vice versa
  1. __________ is a parallelized login cracker that supports numerous protocols for attack
  2. An __________ share is a hidden share that allows communication between two processes on the same system.
  3. __________ monitors and audits databases for security issues in real time
  4. __________ is a command-line utility provided by Microsoft with SQL Server 2000 (and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine) that allows users to issue queries to the server
  5. __________ allows applications to read and write various image file formats, including GIF
  6. Which of the following types of tools would be most effective in cracking UNIX passwords?
  7. A __________ is a device that cannot function in any capacity.
  8. __________ can monitor a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server regularly after connecting to it
  9. In a hit-and-run attack, __________.
  10. __________ is the act of gathering information about the security profile of a computer system or organization, undertaken in a methodological manner.
  11. __________, formerly called AppTapp, is a tool for jailbreaking and installing nonsanctioned third-party applications on the iPhone
  12. __________ is a tool for performing automated attacks against web-enabled applications.
  13. A __________, also called a packet analyzer, is a software program that can capture, log, and analyze protocol traffic over the network and decode its contents
  14. Null sessions require access to TCP port __________.
  15. A __________ is a trusted entity that signs certificates and can vouch for the identity of the user and the user's public key.
  16. __________ is a command-line interface for Microsoft SQL Server that allows an attacker to execute commands on the underlying operating system, execute SQL queries, and upload files to a remote server.
  17. The __________ tool traces various application calls from Windows API functions to the Oracle Call Interface
  18. The __________ command displays the ARP table and is used to modify it
  19. Attackers can use a simple test to find out if an application is vulnerable to an OLE DB error. They can fill in the username and password fields with __________
  20. RFID __________ collision occurs when an RFID tag reader energizes numerous tags and the tags' respective signals are reflected back to the reader simultaneously.
  21. __________ reconnaissance is a hacker's attempt to scout for or survey potential targets and then investigate the target using publicly available information
  22. The __________ service is responsible for sending a response packet that contains connection details to clients who send a specially formed request
  23. The Network News Transport Protocol service uses port __________.
  24. The information resource or asset that is being protected from attacks is usually called the __________
  25. In Internet Explorer, the __________ zone is a security zone for sites that the user has designated as safe to visit
  26. __________ is a type of computer architecture in which multiple processors share the same memory and are each assigned different tasks to perform
  27. What phase of attack uses social engineering and dumpster diving to find information about the target?
  28. Redirections for URLs are handled with the __________ URL handler, which can cause errors in older versions of Internet Explorer.
  29. __________ gathering is the process of accumulating information from resources like the Internet that can later be analyzed as business intelligence.


125. A common technique used to hide data within image files uses the __________ technique


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