A covalent chemical bond is one in which: (Answers)

BIOL 103 Introduction To Biology Module 8 Chemical Bonds Quiz Answers


  1. A covalent chemical bond is one in which: 
  2. What is the correct molecular formula for caffeine (shown here)? 
  3. What bond(s) is (are) disrupted in the presence of water? 
  4. A double covalent bond is the sharing of a total of how many electrons? 
  5. What determines the number of covalent bonds formed by an atom? 
  6. The lines on the above drawing of caffeine indicate: 
  7. Will a polar covalent bond form between the two nitrogen atoms in nitrogen gas (N2)?
  8. The partial negative charge at one end of a water molecule is attracted to the partial positive charge of another water molecule. This attraction is called:
  9. Which bond is the weakest?
  10. Will O2 form a polar covalent bond?