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A patient is responsible for those injuries resulting from

  • HSA 515  Health Care Policy, Law and Ethics Week 11 Final Exam Part 2 Answers

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  1. A patient is responsible for those injuries resulting from
  2. Patients have a right to refuse a blood transfusion
  3. A patient has a right to
  4. Patients in critical condition should never be discharged or transferred to another facility
  5. Mr. Jones has a right to ask a caregiver
  6. There have been cases in which a plaintiff has charged that he or she contracted AIDS as a result of the transfusion of contaminated blood or blood products. In such cases, the plaintiff must prove that there was
  7. A prisoner diagnose with the HIV anti-body who bites correctional officers
  8. The governmental agency that requires health care facilities to implement strict procedures to protect employees against AIDS
  9. AIDS can be spread by
  10. The AIDS epidemic is considered to be the
  11. The deep awareness of and sympathy for another’s suffering.
  12. ________ implies that there is purpose and meaning to life.
  13. A form of beneficence. People, often believing that they know what is best for another, often make decisions that they believe are in that person’s best interest.
  14. When caring for the dying, relatives may wish to perform rituals at this time. In death, jewelry, sacred threads, or other religious objects should not be removed from the body. Washing the body is part of the funeral rites and should be carried out by the relatives.
  15. _______ is the quality of being considerate and sympathetic to another’s needs.
  16. Damages sought for a negligently performed sterilization might include
  17. Current eugenic sterilization statutes
  18. In Oklahoma, artificial insemination statues specify
  19. The premature termination of pregnancy
  20. Sterilization because of medical necessity
  21. The removal of nasogastric feeding tubes from a mentally competent patient to legally hasten death is an example of
  22. The federal act of 1990 that went into effect on December 1, 1991, and provides that patients have a right to formulate advance directives and to make decisions regarding their health care
  23. The Tuskegee study of syphilis was designed to analyze the natural progression of untreated syphilis in
  24. This doctor claims to have assisted 130 patients in committing suicide after suffering years of tormenting pain
  25. _____________ are genes or DNA sequences with a known location on a chromosome that can be used to identify specific cells and diseases, as well as individuals and species.
  26. A policy that covers awards over the amount provided in the basic policy coverage
  27. An injured party may
  28. Malpractice insurance coverage is especially important for
  29. Insurance companies are required by the laws of the different states to issue only policies that contain certain mandated provisions,
  30. When a health care facility no longer purchases a policy of malpractice insurance but instead periodically sets aside a certain amount of its own funds as a reserve against malpractice losses and expenses, it

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