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A protein has a signal sequence. Into which space would you expect the protein to be translated in a eukaryotic cell?


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  1. A protein has a signal sequence.  Into which space would you expect the protein to be translated in a eukaryotic cell?
  2. In which organelle would a protein be modified and sorted after going through the ER?
  3. Protein that catalyzes chemical reactions but is not consumed in the process:
  4. Which of these is NOT a structural protein?
  5. Which of these are ways cells can move molecules across membranes (choose all that apply).
  6. Protein that uses energy to propel itself along a filament
  7. A protein (‘FRED’) makes a product, A. A is converted to B, then C by other proteins.  When product C is in high abundance, it binds to FRED so that no more A can be made.  This is an example of
  8. Which of these is NOT a post-translational modification?
  9. A peptide hormone made by alpha cells that signals cells to release glucose
  10. Which of these refers to interactions WITHIN a protein?
  11. There are proteins in lettuce
  12. Which of these are transmembrane proteins?
  13. Which happens first?
  14. Shown are the melting curves of a conserved enzyme  from several different species.  If you are trying to perform an enzymatic reaction at 60C, which enzymes would NOT work in your experiment? (choose all that apply)
  15. What type of residue does Ubiquitin attach to in the E1, E2, and E3 proteins?
  16. What is the role of the proteasome?
  17. Mutations in what type of protein cause cystic fibrosis?
  18. Which of these is NOT an example of signal transduction (choose all that apply)
  19. Which of these is an example of an epigenetic change?
  20. Using pubmed as described in the self-assessment, what is the role of HI0236?

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