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A seller must use words such as "warrant" to make an express warranty.

  • MGMT 390 Business Law Final Exam with Answers

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  1. A seller must use words such as "warrant" to make an express warranty. 
  2. Olga, a salesperson for Pre-owned Cars & Trucks, Inc., tells Quincy, "This is the best car I've ever seen." This statement is 
    Over the course of a year, Real Deal Corporation sells appliances to customers to whom it extends credit. Real Deal orders the appliances from Superior Appliance Company's warehouse, from which the items are shipped via common carrier to Real Deal's customers. Article 2 of the UCC governs 
    In a dispute over a sale involving a bicycle, Dain argues that as to this deal Elle's Hobby Shop, where Dain bought the bike, is a merchant. A court may determine whether Elle's is a merchant by assessing whether
    Generally, the funds represented by a deposited local check must be available for withdrawal the same business day. 
    Clyde issues a check payable to Discount Mart. Elle, Discount's cashier, forges the store's indorsement and deposits the check in her bank account. Clyde's bank, First State Bank, pays the check. Clyde can recover from 
    A stale check is one that has been outstanding for longer than one month. 
    Sara needs $1,513 to buy textbooks and other school supplies. Tomas agrees to loan Sara $1,513, accepting as collateral Tomas's car. They put their agreement in writing and sign it. Sara keeps possession of the car. Does Tomas have an enforceable security interest? How can Tomas let other creditors know of his interest in the car? 
    Elias repays his debt, incurred to buy consumer goods, to Fidelity Bank and immediately files a written request for a termination statement. Fidelity 
    Idle Investments, Inc., and Harbor Bank are secured parties with security interests in property owned by GR8 Manufacturing Corporation. Priority between these security interests is generally determined by 
    Certain debts are not dischargeable in bankruptcy. 
    The basic duty of a trustee is to collect and reduce to cash the property in the bankruptcy estate that is not exempt. 
    Federal law governs garnishment actions. 
    Jen makes a gift of a check to Kilroy who takes it in good faith and without notice of any claim, defense, or defect. With 
    Rodeo Ranch's agent Slim is authorized to draw checks on Rodeo Ranch's account in Town Bank. Upper Range Corporation is a Rodeo Ranch supplier. Slim writes a check "pay to the order of Upper Range [signed] Slim," indorses the check in Upper Range's name, and deposits it in his account in Verity Bank. If Verity Bank collects payment, the ultimate party most likely to suffer the loss is 
    respect to this check, Kilroy is 
    Opal asks Paolo, who does not understand English, to sign what Opal says is an application to open a bank account. In fact, the "application" is a note. If sued on the note by an HDC, Paolo's best defense would be 
    An employer is not liable for the sexual harassment of an employee by the employee's supervisor. 
    Eduardo is an employee of Free-Flo Plumbing Corporation. With respect to the workplace, under federal health and safety statutes, Free-Flo has 
    Mold & Dye Corporation is a private employer involved in a Title VII employment discrimination suit. Punitive damages may be recovered against Mold & Dye only if the employer 
    Pizza & Cookies, LLC, is a limited liability company. Among its members, a dispute arises that the operating agreement and the state LLC statute do not cover. The dispute is governed by 
    Most limited liability company statutes have no provisions regarding members' meetings. 
    A sharing of profits from the ownership of property creates a presumption that a partnership exists. 
    Fact Pattern 23-1
    Desi starts up eSites, an Internet service, and leases office space in a building owned by Fred. The lease requires Desi to pay Fred a base rental of $1,250, plus 10 percent of eSites' profits, each month. The term is two years. Desi hires Gwen to work at eSites' tech support desk at an hourly wage of $12.50, plus a commission of 10 percent of the profits. The term is also two years. 
    A short-form merger is the legal combination of two or more corporations online. 
    Once a dissenting shareholder elects appraisal rights, the shareholder loses his or her shareholder status. 

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