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A supermarket manager schedules the workers in the supermarket to ensure that enough cash register clerks are available at different times during


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BUSI 1002 Final Exam Answers (Walden University)

  1. A supermarket manager schedules the workers in the supermarket to ensure that enough cash register clerks are available at different times during the day to handle the expected demand from customers. This manager has engaged in which type of behavior?
  2. A division manager is given an operating budget of $2.2 million for the coming year and is evaluated on the basis of the amount of output the division can produce based on that budget. This type of budget is called:

  3. A computer programmer who does her job well because she enjoys solving complicated computer problems is said to be:

  4. Brennan Manufacturing monitors the number of customer returns for each product model to attempt to track when the organization is producing a large number of defective products. This is an example of:

  5. Vicky is an employee of a consulting firm and works from her own office at home. Which of the following best describes Vicky?

  6. Which of the following is the best appraisal for a job where the focus is on results?

  7. According to Fiedler's model, when a situation is very unfavorable for a leader, she will be more effective if she is:

  8. The members of a particular group are getting to know one another and attempting to reach an understanding of how each of them should act within the group. This stage of group development is known as:

  9. Supermarket managers who use scanners on the checkout counters to track inventory levels of their products are using a (n):

  10. A software firm as an opening for a software programmer. The HR manager of the firm is trying to list all the tasks, duties, and responsibilities that make up a software programmers job. He then lists the knowledge, skills, and abilities that a candidate should posses in order for him/her to perform the job. Which of the following best describes what the HR manager is doing?

  11. A member of a task force does not do much work related to the goals of the task force. This member is confident that the other members of the task force "will take up the slack." This group member is exhibiting:

  12. Bill Gates, the chairman of Microsoft, has a great deal of experience in software programming design. He advises an R&D manager about how to design a new type of software for personal computers. In this situation, which of the following best describes Bill Gates power?

  13. Katy is a manager in a large restaurant chain. She wants to use situational interview questions while interviewing candidates for the post of servers. Which of the following question would she ask?

  14. Which of the following is the most likely reason that unions exist?

  15. An accounts payable department that uses a computer system to pay the company's suppliers is using a (n):

  16. In a meeting about a manual-dexterity test that has been used to select automobile assembly-line workers, an HR manager asks, "Does this test predict on-the-job performance for these types of workers?" On which aspect of the HRM process is this manager focusing?

  17. When there is high conformity and low deviance in a group, the group's performance is likely to be:

  18. In measuring the total factor productivity of an organization, which of the following is a measure of the amount of energy consumed in output production?

  19. By decentralizing, organizations are more likely to:

  20. According to the trait model, which of the following trait of leadership helps managers avoid acting selfishly, control their feelings, and admit when they have made a mistake?

  21. A group of managers interviewing job applicants ask every job applicant, "What are your unique qualifications for this job?" Which type of interviewing is being used?

  22. An R&D team at Acme Explosives is composed of managers from engineering, marketing, and production, as well as members of the R&D department. This is an example of which of the following?

  23. Which of the following is not an outcome of increased product quality?

  24. A chart of the organization's net income after taxes over the past five years is an example of:

  25. To encourage group cohesiveness, managers should:

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