AC 561 AC/561 AC561 Unit 1 Case Problems (Kaplan)

AC 561 Unit 1 Case Problems (Kaplan)

AC 561 Unit 1 Case Problems

Wills, Trust, and Estate Administration (South-Western)

Chapter 4 – The Law of Succession: Death Testate or Intestate

Case Problem 1 –

Emmett Tomas, a bachelor, makes the following testamentary gifts: a house valued at $110,000 to his best friend, Roxanne Rudin; furniture and household appliances worth $8,000 to Roxanne; a television and stereo worth $2,500 to his nephew, Roland Tomas; a Toyota Camry worth $15,000 to his only brother, William Tomas; a gift of $10,000 to his sister-in-law, Sally Tomas, to be paid out of his savings account in Metro State Bank in his hometown; a gift of $5,000 to his church; and a residue gift of his remaining property, which is all personal property worth $22,000, to the American Cancer Society.

SW – Chapter 4

Case Problem 2

The following diagram show the interest each descendant would receive in Howard’s estate. All descendants are living except as noted.