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AC420 Unit 1 Seminar Quiz


Product Description

AC420 Unit 1 Seminar Quiz

  1. What is the title of the textbook for this class?
  2. The professional development activity is:
  3. The link to the publisher's website, where you can find additional resources including practice quizzes and a practice final exam, can be found
  4. How many points are discussions worth each week?
  5. What percentage of my final grade is based on my textbook assignments (Projects)?
  6. In what unit is my Organizational Culture Paper due?
  7. Which of the following is NOT true about the late work policy?
  8. In order for you to make up a quiz or assignment, you must:
  9. Which of the following are not considered extenuating circumstances?
  10. When will my instructor grade my assignments?
  11. What is the time limit for the quizzes in this course?
  12. To earn full credit, on at least how many days during the unit week should you post to the Discussion Board?
  13. A successful discussion post includes:
  14. The extra credit policy can be found
  15. Which of the following must be completed in Unit 10?

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