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AC420 Unit 5 Quiz


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AC420 Unit 5 Quiz

  1. An operations flow document
  2. Bailey Corporation. incurred 2,300 direct labor hours to produce 600 units of product. Each unit should take 4 direct labor hours. Bailey Corporation applies variable overhead to production on a direct labor hour basis.
  3. A variable overhead spending variance is caused by
  4. Fixed overhead costs are
  5. In analyzing manufacturing overhead variances, the volume variance is the difference between the
  6. Variance analysis for overhead normally focuses on
  7. The use of separate variable and fixed overhead rates is better than a combined rate because such a system
  8. In a just-in-time inventory system,
  9. Consider the equation X = Sales - [(CM/Sales) ? (Sales)]. What is X?
  10. If a firm's net income does not change as its volume changes, the firm('s)
  11. In a CVP graph, the slope of the total revenue line indicates the
  12. If a company's fixed costs were to increase, the effect on a profit-volume graph would be that the
  13. Management is considering replacing an existing sales commission compensation plan with a fixed salary
    plan. If the change is adopted, the company's
  14. As projected net income increases the
  15. A managerial preference for a very low degree of operating leverage might indicate that

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