AC502 Unit 2 Quiz

AC502 Unit 2 Quiz

AC502 Unit 2 Quiz

Question 1. Question : Micah signed a check in the lower right-hand corner and Andrew signed on the back. The presumption is that: 

Question 2. Question : Which of the following is correct concerning termination statements? 

Question 3. Question : In order to disclaim a warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, a merchant: 

Question 4. Question : Which of the following is TRUE regarding the UCC? 

Question 5. Question : A product liability case may be brought in which of the following cases if a person or business has been hurt by goods: 

Question 6. Question : Millie lends Arthur, her next-door neighbor, $25,000. He gives her his diamond ring as collateral for the loan. Which statement is true? 

Question 7. Question : Which of the following is the definition of Priority? 

Question 8. Question : Wombart Manufacturing sells a machine on credit to Cryslie Printing Co. Wombart insists on a security interest in the machine to: 

Question 9. Question : An express warranty can be created by which of the following? 

Question 10. Question : The stated purpose(s) of Article 2 of the UCC is/are: