AC551 Unit 5 FASB Codification

AC551 Unit 5 FASB Codification

AC551 Unit 5 FASB Codification

Unit 5: FASB Codification Assignment

1. How much compensation cost should Occupy Mall Street recognize in each year of the award’s service period?

2. How would the accounting for these awards change if the modification to the terms (i.e., exercise price) of the award was made on January 1, 2017, after the awards have become fully vested?

3. How would the Year 2 accounting change if management determined that the performance condition was improbable of achievement on December 31, 2013? What would be the cumulative amount of compensation cost recognized?

4. How much compensation cost would management recognize in Year 3 and Year 4 if the December 31, 2014, modification resulted in the awards becoming probable of achievement?

4a. How would the accounting for this modification differ under IFRSs?

5. If the awards continued to be improbable of achievement after modification, how much cumulative compensation cost would be recognized through December 31, 2015? December 31, 2016?