ACC 564 Week 8 Quiz 3 (Strayer)

ACC 564 Week 8 Quiz 3 (Strayer)

ACC 564 Week 8 Quiz 3 (Strayer)

  1. What is the most effective way to ensure information system availability?
  2. Sequentially prenumbered forms is an example of a(n)

  3. Data matching is an example of a(n)

  4. This determines if characters are of the proper type.

  5. ________ involves copying only the data items that have changed since the last partial backup

  6. The evidence collection method that examines all supporting documents to determine the validity of a transaction is called

  7. To maintain the objectivity necessary for performing an independent evaluation function, auditors should not be involved in

  8. In the ________ stage of an operational audit, the auditor measures the actual system against an ideal standard.

  9. How could auditors determine if unauthorized program changes have been made?

  10. A system that employs various types of advanced technology has more ________ risk than traditional batch processing

  11. Retail stores could send their orders directly to the manufacturer's sales order system in a format that would eliminate the need for data entry, using

  12. Matching customer account numbers and inventory item numbers to the numbers in the customer and inventory master files is an example of a

  13. A ________ system prepares and mails monthly statements to customers throughout the entire month, instead of just at the end of the month.

  14. When a customer places an order (on account) for a certain product, what should be done before the order is checked for inventory availability?

  15. What is a typical procedure for processing sales orders from new customers or customers making a purchase that causes their credit limit to be exceeded?

  16. Double-checking the accuracy of an invoice is a control that can help to neutralize a threat in the expenditure cycle. What activity would specifically be associated with this control?

  17. Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) includes several variables that must be taken into consideration when calculating the optimal order size. One variable, the costs associated with holding inventory, is referred to as

  18. Bob Chum is the sales manager at Folding Squid Technologies. At lunch with the company CEO, he complained that a recent shipment from a vendor had been unsatisfactory and so had to be returned. That required the purchasing manager to send a ________ to the supplier.

  19. Bob Chum is the sales manager at Folding Squid Technologies. At lunch with the company CEO, he proudly announced that he had negotiated a(n) ________ with a client that defined a long-term commitment to buy components from Folding Squid.

  20. A major cost in the purchasing function is the number of purchase orders processed. One technique that may reduce purchasing-related expenses is to have suppliers compete with each other to meet demand at the lowest price. This name of this technique is