ACCT 562 Week 6 Quiz (KELLER)

ACCT 562 Week 6 Quiz (KELLER)

ACCT 562 Week 6 Quiz (KELLER)

(TCO F) Claiming personal travel as a business expense is an example of what type of expense reimbursement scheme?

(TCO F) An altered or forged receipt can indicate what type of expense reimbursement scheme?

(TCO F) Remy Lewis has just started working as a marketing research analyst for Commercial Casting Company in New York City. He is relocating his family to New York from North Carolina, but they haven't moved yet. Twice a month, the company pays for Lewis to travel to North Carolina to visit his family and help with the move. During the month of September, Lewis only visited his family once; however, he submitted expense reports for mileage for two separate trips to North Carolina and back. What type of scheme is this?

(TCO F) Which of the following is not considered a red flag of a fictitious expense reimbursement scheme?

(TCO F) In one of the case studies in the textbook (page 189), Cy Chesterly was the vice president in charge of sales for one of the largest machine parts manufacturers in the Midwest. He was an excellent salesman and helped build the company into one of the most successful companies in the industry. While Chesterly was known to go overboard on the entertainment expenses, he really went wild when it came to buying personal items, vacations, furniture, and jewelry to name a few. He was caught; however, and his lifestyle came to a halt. What was the most likely reason that the company didn't have Chesterly prosecuted?

(TCO F) Register disbursement schemes are different from skimming and larceny at the register in that they:

(TCO F) For the perpetrator, the most dangerous part of a typical register disbursement scheme is often:

(TCO F) In one of the case studies in the textbook (page 195), Bob Walker was the head cashier for a discount drug store, who perpetrated his fraud scheme by issuing fictitious refunds. What was Walker's motive for committing the crime?

(TCO F) Billy Mitchell is the head cashier for a clothing store that specializes in men's silk suits. After losing big at the local dog track, Billy was in the hole financially. To cover his gambling debts, Billy started issuing numerous refund credits to his own credit card for amounts just below the store's review limit. This is an example of a _____ scheme.

(TCO F) Meredith Chapman works as a retail clerk at a children's clothing store. When a customer returns an item for a cash refund, Meredith enters an amount greater than the actual refund into the register, pays the customer the amount owed for the returned merchandise, and keeps the excess cash for herself. What type of scheme is Meredith committing?