are embracing the use of electronics and computer-based systems in the courts.

PA 250 Family Law Unit 1 Quiz Answers


________ are embracing the use of electronics and computer-based systems in the courts. 

As judicial budgets allow, courtrooms are being outfitted with ________ and ________ presentation systems. 

The trend to use computer systems where program and fields are maintained on a centralized server and each user has access through a dumb terminal is referred to as the: 

Computer files are shared by the use of Internet as well as in the form of CDs, DVDs, and as: 

Question 5. When working with outside information technologists: 

________ software, like Dragon® Naturally Speaking, PDAs, cell phones, and , Legal Version, allow the legal team to dictate working legal drafts into almost any program. 

Question 7. Using the Internet to conduct meetings and share documents is: 

Question 8. Question : Computers are being used with higher frequency to share information in digital format between: 

In large law offices, corporate legal departments, and government offices there is usually a: 

Lawyers and their paralegal may be connected anywhere in the world and send documents electronically back and forth as if they are in the same building due to