Ashford ELL 361 Week 3 Assignment Location and Language Policy

Ashford ELL 361 Week 3 Assignment Location and Language Policy

Ashford ELL 361 Week 3 Assignment Location and Language Policy (Iran)

Due by Day 7. Location and Language Policy. Now that you have selected a global issue, it is time to determine a location that is currently being impacted by the issue. Learning about the culture and the language of the people will give you a deeper understanding of the global issue. The World Factbook website, maintained by the CIA, provides information about world languages. Using this website you can determine which mother tongue

is spoken in the location the global issue you have chosen exists. For example, if you selected the issue of global poverty in your Week Two assignment, you might focus on the “Price of being visible” in Bangladesh. You would then select Bangladesh in the World Factbook website and locate information about the mother tongue in Bangladesh.

To complete this assignment you will:

  1. Use the World Factbook website to research the possible languages that are spoken by children in the

    impacted area and write a description of each of those dialects.

  2. Identify one dialect or language from your target area that you will focus on for your Final Paper.

  3. Use the Ashford University Library to locate resources that describe the language policy in the country

    you have chosen and provide a brief summary of the policy. In your summary, include the following details:

    •   Explain how one language may be preferred or discouraged over another.

    •   Discuss how the rights of individuals or groups are established in order to use and maintain


    •   Identify and describe any legislation, court decisions, or policies that determine how languages

      are used.

    •   Describe how the necessary language skills are cultivated to meet national priorities in your target


    •   Explain how the language impacts or addresses your chosen global issue.