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Ashford ENG 318 Week 5 Discussion 2 Publishing

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Ashford ENG 318 Week 5 Discussion 2 Publishing

Publishing1st Post Due by Day 3. Now that you have written and revised your creative work, you are ready to learn more about the process of submitting material for publication. In order to make a more fully informed decision about where to submit your writing, you have to learn about the periodicals that publish literary work and become familiar with their preferences and requirements. Through reading, you are not only learning about new approaches for your own writing; you are also growing familiar with individual writers and publications. This week, you will begin looking at the current literary marketplace. Using the EBSCOhost, JSTOR, and Project Muse databases located in the Ashford University Library, select a creative writing journal.

To select a journal

  • Access the ENG318 Creative Writing Research Guide.

  • Look through the list under Links to Recommended Literary Journals.

  • Click the hyperlinked title of several journals to access copies of the publication.

    • Read through the literary works in the journals.

    • Click the journal’s associated website under its name in the Research Guide to learn more about the

      publication and its submission guidelines.

    • Determine which journal is most appropriate for your writing and which appeals to you.

      In your initial post:

      • Describe the aesthetic of the journal that you have selected. Support and explain your description with

        specific details from the journal.

      • Analyze how the creative standards and tastes of the editors reflect and/or differ from your own.

      • Identify one author whose style has some affinity with your own and/or whose writing demonstrates a

        new technique that you would like to learn more about. How will these styles and techniques feed specific areas of your own work?

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