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Ashford HIM 310 Week 1 Quiz Answers (2020)

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Ashford HIM 310 Week 1 Quiz Answers (2020)

  1. A change made to any aspect of an open system, whether it is a health care system or a computer system, will produce change in other aspects of that same system. As a result, any change can produce unintended consequences. This process is called:

    Which methods are examples of data mining? (Select all that apply.)

    Which statement is true regarding the differences between research and

    A facility calls in experts to review evidence developed in research and develop guidelines for clinical practice. Which stage of EBP is represented?

    Which list includes the 3 levels of theory relevant to evaluation?

    In which aspects does practice-based evidence differ from evidence-based practice? (select all that apply)

    Knowledge is the point of convergence across the areas of:

    Which characteristic is an advantage that practice-based evidence studies have over RCTs?

    Which type of review is considered the most rigorous?

    Which statement related to certification in health informatics is correct?

    What is the form of knowledge in discovery research?

    Which indicators have been established for healthcare improvement and for
    public reporting?

    As EHR adoption expands to include data from multiple healthcare entities, more opportunities for error exist. Which process can affect data integrity?

    Which description best defines the electronic health record (EHR)?
    In a social network analysis, each node is usually a(n):
    The historical roots of computer science can be traced to:

    The term informatics is derived from: (Select all that apply.)

    The historical roots of information science can be traced to:
    Which specialized method(s) is (are) used in knowledge discovery and data

    You decide to base the evaluation plan of your informatics project on the theory of planned behavior. Which constructs will you use to develop your measurements?

    Which system is recommended as a method to address patient safety and reduce
    errors that occur during the actual administration of medicines?
    The process of knowledge discovery and data mining is best characterized as:
    The number 190 is an example of:
    As knowledge develops and expands within a discipline, which information
    source will include the oldest but best organized representation of that
    Which technical development created a tension between centralized and
    decentralized computer management in healthcare?

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