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Ashford HIM 310 Week 4 Quiz Answers (2020)

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Ashford HIM 310 Week 4 Quiz Answers (2020)

The roles of the legal health record include

The __________ is a uniform coding system that is made up of descriptive terms and codes that are primarily used to identify medical services and procedures that are furnished by physicians and other healthcare professionals.

Similar to the diagnosis codes, a procedure code will also vary in length from __________ digits.

The Medicare NCCI or the Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) was implemented to promote a __________ correct coding methodologies and to control improper coding that can lead to inappropriate payments.

The ICD-9-CM book is divided into three volumes; they include Volume I, which is

A(n) __________ is a type of E/M service provided at the request of another physician or appropriate source to recommend care for a specific condition or to take on responsibility of managing the patient’s care for the specific problem or condition.

There will be times during or after a patient’s hospital stay when a practitioner dictates a report or gives an order and needs to authenticate the document. The use of auto-authentication is not permitted when a practitioner dictates a report or order and wants to authenticate it without __________ the document.

The overall goal of the Case Manager is to __________ to find the optimum situation for all.

The __________ will handle processing bills, posting payments, correcting any claims that were denied for errors, appeal any denials that are incorrect, supply additional documentation when needed, and make corrections to the charge description master if needed.

The UR personnel are required to perform a review of the medical record and
use this information to make a decision based on UR for

_______ must be done before rendering services to the patient.

__________ is a process in which all charges are documented, posted, and reconciled for all patients for all services and supplies that they may have received.

In the past, the fee-for-service approach to managing the financial side of healthcare reimbursement was considered

The Middle Process is defined as representing “the intersection of __________ and billing.”

Medicare abuse may include

The __________ component of a compliance program will help to evaluate if individuals are properly carrying out their responsibilities and claims are submitted appropriately.

A(n) __________ is a guide intended to assist individual and small group physician practices in developing a voluntary compliance program that promotes adherence to statutes and regulations applicable to the Federal Healthcare Programs.

The mission of the HEAT Team is to gather resources across government
agencies to help prevent waste, fraud, and abuse in the Medicare and
Medicaid programs, which will

The __________ were created to perform program integrity functions in zones for Medicare Part A and Part B, Durable Medical Equipment (DME), Prosthetics, Orthotics, Supplies, Home Health and Hospice, and Medicare– Medicaid data matching.

The success of a program like Fraud Prevention System is realized in dollars because every dollar spent resulted in __________ dollar(s) saved in the first year of this program.

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