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Ashford HIM 310 Week 5 Final Exam 100 Questions+Answers (2020)

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Ashford HIM 310 Week 5 Final Exam 100 Questions+Answers (2020)

An organization uses the __________ accounting method to get a better indicator of future cash flows and overall performance than using current cash receipts and disbursements.


The use of accounting information as a tool to communicate without providing
any influence that would sway a decision in a particular direction that
would favor a particular interest group is known as

_____ reflects what the organization is going to do based on the mission statement.

_________ helps the organization’s ability to meet obligations such as payroll, accounts payable, and loans along with paying dividends to the shareholders.

Comprehensive income considers all changes in __________ outside of any investments or distributions involving the owners.

In the __________ area, the management team reviews all transactions for the entire facility that impact the financials in the clinical and support areas.

A(n) _____ budget is designed to account for expected activities throughout the year based on historical data.

The budget cycle is generally related to __________ of a company.

__________ is the branch of accounting that provides general-purpose financial statements or reports to aid many decision-making groups, internal and external to the organization, in making a variety of decisions.

The __________ method allocates costs associated with overhead costs that will be distributed to some overhead departments that provide services to each other.

The ability of an organization to measure __________ throughout the manufacturing and sales cycle is done through the appropriate classification of this data and will provide a variety of additional data for the management team.

A(n) __________ cost is incurred in the organization as it provides products or services to a customer, but the cost is not directly related to the manufacturing of goods or services provided by the organization.

________ is an amount due to an outside vendor for the purchase of supplies, equipment, or services.

The second-level appeal is an appeal with a(n) __________ that must be started no later than 180 days from the date of receipt of the redetermination.

Suppliers of durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, and
supplies, as well as parental and enteral nutrition (PEN), submit claims to
When practitioners provide services under the Medicare program, they are
required to accept assignment for all Medicare claims involving

The ABN cannot have italics or any font that is difficult to read, and must __________.

Healthcare is commonly reimbursed through prospective payment systems such as _____.

ABNs given to a patient or authorized representative who is __________ cannot be considered to be a proper notice.

Medicare covers beneficiaries who are __________ and have elected to pay a premium for coverage.

For a patient to be eligible for these services, their physician needs to attest they are confined to their home.

With Medicaid, the ____ government has established guidelines, while ____ government come up with their own eligibility requirements.

This plan is referred to as Medicare Advantage and is offered by private payers.

This service is covered by Medicare Part A and provides care similar to an inpatient hospital at a lower level of care, and can include rehabilitation services.

This supplemental medical insurance provides payment to participating providers for covered services, after a yearly deductible has been met.

For a Medicare beneficiary who is on hospice, written certification must
include three items EXCEPT



The __________ is an across-the-board multiplier. This is a constant that applies to the entire calculation in a payment.

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