BUS 300 Week 10 Quiz 9

 BUS 300 Week 10 Quiz 9

 BUS 300 Week 10 Quiz 9

This quiz consist of 30 multiple choice questions. The first 15 questions cover the material in Chapter 17. The second 15 questions cover the material in Chapter 18. 

  1. Branding is about
  2. A practice among some news editors because of the proliferating raft of product placements in the media is to

  3. A major difference between public relations and marketing is that

  4. If you've received publicity in a magazine or newspaper, what can you produce to extend the impact from that coverage?

  5. It's fair to say that advertising has in the past 40 years

  6. If public relations practitioners see themselves as key players in IMC, they must

  7. A major difference between public relations and advertising is

  8. Which of the following attitudes of marketing people have changed?

  9. Showing Beanie Babies and Cabbage Patch Dolls with a client's new product for a photograph is an example of which principle of building a brand?

  10. When public relations and publicity, advertising, and marketing intersect, that's referred to as

  11. A public relations practice that media scorn is

  12. Third-party endorsement is essentially

  13. Motivating prospective customers describes what ________ is effective at doing.

  14. The "law of primacy" is essential in

  15. A reason cause-related marketing is likely to continue to grow in this century is

  16. In the scenario of the wired-world scenario, practitioners should use the Internet to

  17. Public relations practitioners have found that Twitter can be

  18. Which of the following is the principal benefit from having a Web site?

  19. Which of the following are sites on the Internet where photos and videos can be shown?

  20. Because today's consumers are more media-savvy, better-educated, and generally smarter, they expect the Internet to provide

  21. How much time visitors spend and how many pages they view on a Web site is a characteristic of

  22. Despite all the clamor about social media, public relations practitioners must seriously bear in mind, social media is only

  23. The theoretical concept of social networks stemmed from?

  24. Which of the following does pertain generally to texting?

  25. In the scenario of the world as a "global village," practitioners should use the Internet to

  26. Indications that social networking screams for attention particularly from public relations practitioners include

  27. Among the giant survivors of the "great high-tech concepts" of the 1990s is

  28. Which of the following are among strategic questions to answer in order to create a winning Web site?

  29. The early description of what is now generally referred to as "social networking" sites include

  30. Which of the following web-based communications vehicles are appropriate for public relations practitioners to distribute content easily?