BUSN 340 Week 7 Quiz (Devry)

BUSN 340 Week 7 Quiz (Devry)

BUSN 340 Week 7 Quiz (Devry)

(TCO 7) A High Deductible Health Plan with a Savings Option does not include the following?

(TCO 7) Which of the following is not a factor promoting the growth of Integrated Delivery Systems:

(TCO 7) A medical group includes a provision in its contract with an HMO to receive larger PMPM payments if the HMO members are chronically ill. This type of provision is referred to as a:

(TCO 7) Suppose that HCA and Tenet were to merge. Ignoring potential antitrust problems, this merger would be classified as a:

(TCO 7) A hospital has contracted with an HMO to provide acute care inpatient services for $1,000 per day, subject to a 10 percent withhold. The proposed budget for inpatient services is based upon expected utilization of 600 days per 1,000 members at $1,000 per day, or $600,000 per 1,000 members. The hospital risk pool will be split equally between the hospital and a primary care physician group. If only 450 days per 1,000 members were utilized in the first year, how much would the hospital be paid per 1,000 members?

(TCO 7) An uninsured patient receives services with charges of $5,000 from a hospital. The hospital staff bills the patient $1,000 and records $4,000 as charity care. If the hospital's ratio of cost to charges is 50%, what amount would the hospital recognize as charity care in Schedule H of IRS Form 990?

(TCO 7) How is charity care usually defined?