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A SIPOC map is:

  • MAT 510 Business Statistics Week 11 Final Exam part 2 Answers

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  1. A SIPOC map is:
  2. The Statistical Thinking Strategy illustrated in Figure 2.14 provides a graphic of the overall approach to driving improvement through statistical thinking. Which of the following is a key principle illustrated in this specific graph?
  3. Refer to Figure 3.21 and choose the correct statement for the measurements
  4. The SIPOC model for a business helps everyone in the company see the business from an overall perspective by:
    I.          Keeping a focus on customer needs
    II.         Identifying inputs and outputs for each step of the process
    III.       Displaying cross-function activities in simple terms
    IV.       Helping maintain the big business picture
  5. Suppose the Process Improvement Framework were used to attack a problem where the process in question was inherently unstable. Which of the following would be a likely result of this effort?
  6. Based on the flow chart for selecting control charts discussed in Chapter 5, which type of chart would be most appropriate if I am charting the % waste in a factory each month? This value is calculated by taking the total waste in tons within the factory each month, and dividing by total output, also in tons.
  7. In evaluating data on our process outputs, four characteristics we might investigate are: central tendency, variation, shape of distribution, and stability. Which of the following tools would be most helpful to determine stability of the process?
  8. A sample of 50 invoices are inspected each shift for errors, and classified as either “good”, i.e., without error, or “bad”, having some problem. If we plot our bad invoices each shift on a control chart, which chart should we use?
  9. What does it mean if capability index Cp is less than 1?
  10. Control limits were originally defined at the three-sigma level because:
  11. The best way to evaluate the validity of a statistical model is:
  12. An Adjusted R-square value is a correlation coefficient that has been modified to account for:
  13. A statistic that is used to indicate too much correlation between the predictors in a regression analysis is called the:
  14. The model residuals are examined to:
  15. Models based on subject matter fundamentals (theory) are generally better than statistical models for:
  16. Identify the assumption that is NOT made when conducting an experiment:
  17. A 32 experiment means that we are experimenting with:
  18. In the experimental layout below, which are the most important factors?
  19. What should one consider when analyzing the results of an experiment?
  20. An aspect of good experimental strategy is to study the effects of the variables  
    (Xs) over a wide range. This strategy increases the chances that effects will be found because:
  21. We are conducting a poll for the mayoral election of a medium sized city, and found with one week before the election that the Democrat candidate is leading with 52% planning to vote for her, 46% planning to vote for the Republican, with 2% not sure. The 95% confidence interval for proportion planning to vote for the Democrat is +/- 3%. Based on this information, and making reasonable assumptions, which of the following statements is correct?
  22. For which of the following scenarios am I most likely to utilize a Chi-squared test?
  23. I have calculated an interval to document the uncertainty in my estimate of the long-term standard deviation I will experience in time to pay invoices in my business going forward. Baaed on this information, this should be considered what type of interval?
  24. We ran a taste-test to see which soft drink employees in our company prefer. We had 100 employees, selected as randomly as possible, taste test two brands and determine which they preferred. Which of the following would be a reasonable statistical analysis to determine if there is a clear preference among our employees?
  25. Which of the following could be considered a prediction interval?

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