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FIN 564 Week 3 Quiz (Keller)


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FIN 564 Week 3 Quiz (Keller)

  1. (TCO C)  Revenue increases or cost reductions resulting from mergers that are not due to scale or scope economies are called _____.
  2. (TCO C) Oceanside bank converts a dollar of equity into 10 cents of net income and has $9.50 in assets per dollar of equity capital. Oceanside also has a profit margin of 15%. What is Oceanside’s AU ratio?

  3. (TCO C)  A bank has interest income to total assets ratio of 5.45%, and has noninterest income of $45 million, and total assets of $700 million. What is the bank’s asset utilization ratio?

  4. (TCO C) The reduction in deposit funds cost to an individual bank brought about by government insurance is an example of the

  5. (TCO C)  Which act led to interstate banking in the U.S.?

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