GS102 Introduction to Life Science Week 4 Quiz Answers

 GS102 Introduction to Life Science  Week 4 Quiz Answers

GS102 Week 4 Quiz (Grantham)

  1. We refer to the DNA code as being redundant or repetitive. This means that
  2. When looking at a table depicting the genetic code, the base sequences signify
  3. What step in DNA replication precedes the pairing of complementary bases?
  4. Hershey and Chase performed an experiment in which they used radioactive isotopes to phosphorus and sulfur to label different components of bacterial viruses. Their results clearly showed that
  5. Base pairing
  6. The anticodon of the tRNA molecule base pairs with
  7. In recombinant DNA technology, enzymes used to precisely cut DNA are called
  8. The two subunits of the ribosome join during
  9. A package of histones with DNA wrapped around them forms spherical structures called
  10. What form of RNA carries instructions from the nucleus to the ribosome?
  11. In eukaryotes, transcription occurs in the
  12. In DNA, cytosine bonds to guanine. In RNA, cytosine bonds to
  13. The bases are bonded to what part of the backbone of the DNA molecule?
  14. The fact that the two strands composing a DNA molecule are called antiparallel has to do with the orientation of the
  15. DNA replication of a single DNA molecule is referred to as semiconservative because
  16. A component of bacteria that are often used in biotechnology are
  17. DNA replication
  18. Normal human body cells contain how many chromosomes?
  19. The most important experimental results that suggested to Watson and Crick that DNA was in the form of a helix was
  20. What enzyme is used to “glue” together the ends of cut pieces of DNA?