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JADM 120 Midterm

  • JADM 120 Midterm

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JADM 120 Midterm

  1. (TCO 8) An investigation is successful when
  2. (TCO 4) As the rank of an officer _________, the amount of discretion that he or she can employ normally ___________.
  3. (TCO 7) Negligence arises when a police officer's conduct.
  4. (TCO 5) The problem solving process, known as S.A.R.A, stands for
  5. (TCO 3) The                          is used by more than 90% of all police agencies’ selection processes.
  6. (TCO 6) In                   , the Supreme Court said a suspect should have counsel present during interrogation.
  7. (TCO 2) The term span of control is the principle concerning
  8. (TCO 5) Outcome measures can include:
  9. (TCO 2) Which of the following is not a major problem with the UCR?
  10. (TCO 1) The origins of modern policing in America can be linked to
  11. (TCO 1) Evaluate and discuss Sir Robert Peel's principles of policing.
  12. (TCO 3) Discuss and analyze Broderick's four types of police personalities.
  13. (TCO 2) Describe and analyze the role of the first-line supervisor, and why it is felt by many to be the most difficult rank in the police hierarchy.
  14. (TCO 6) Explain the major legal/philosophical differences in adult and juvenile law. How do these combine to affect the manner in which police must deal with juvenile suspects/offenders?
  15. (TCO 4) Explain the role of traffic enforcement in patrol work, including how the traffic function can create poor police-community relations.
  16. (TCO 5) Compare and contrast traditional policing versus community policing.
  17. (TCO 8) Define and analyze the basic investigative stages according to Weston and Wells.
  18. (TCO 7) List and describe the levels of negligence and types of torts recognized in the law.










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