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Product Description

MGMT404 Project Management – Opening a Coffee Shop ENTIRE COURSE

Includes everything listed:

1.All 7 Weeks iLabs

MGMT404 Week 1 iLab Basics of Project Scheduling
MGMT404 Week 2 iLab Managing Project Resources
MGMT404 Week 3 iLab Scheduling with Resources
MGMT404 Week 4 iLab Working with Calendars
MGMT404 Week 5 iLab Resource Workloads
MGMT404 Week 6 iLab Task Constraints and Baselines
MGMT404 Week 7 iLab Tracking Project Progress

2.A+ Course Project – Opening a Coffee Shop

MGMT404 Week 2 Project Selection
MGMT404 Week 3 Scope Statement
MGMT404 Week 4 Work Breakdown Structure and Network Diagram
MGMT404 Week 5 Risk Management Plan
MGMT404 Week 6 Resource Management Plan
MGMT404 Week 7 Project Coffee Shop Communication Plan

3.MGMT404 Week 8 Final Project Package

4. All 7 Week Discussion Questions

MGMT 404 Week 1 DQ1
MGMT 404 Week 1 DQ2
MGMT 404 Week 2 DQ1
MGMT 404 Week 2 DQ2
MGMT 404 Week 3 DQ1
MGMT 404 Week 3 DQ2
MGMT 404 Week 4 DQ1
MGMT 404 Week 4 DQ2
MGMT 404 Week 5 DQ1
MGMT 404 Week 5 DQ2
MGMT 404 Week 6 DQ1
MGMT 404 Week 6 DQ2
MGMT 404 Week 7 DQ1
MGMT 404 Week 7 DQ2

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