MHA 601 Week 6 Final Paper Ashford General Hospital Proposal

MHA 601 Week 6 Final Paper Ashford General Hospital Proposal

MHA 601 Week 6 Final Paper Ashford General Hospital Proposal

Focus of the Final Paper 

Ashford General Hospital is a 263-bed regional hospital located in California that has served its community for more than 50 years. The hospital maintains the only 24-hour emergency department in the area as well as an "extended hours" urgent care clinic. Similar to other hospitals in the United States, Ashford General Hospital is encountering a nursing shortage. Sixty-eight percent of the nursing staff is over the age of 45, facing retirement. The retention rate on nurses is 61%, compared to 65% nationwide. Many of the nursing staff find the work too physically demanding and have a feeling of emotional burn out as well. In the past two years, the hospital has used both per diem nurses and traveling nurses who 

sign short-term contracts to fill individual shifts and accommodate short-term staffing needs arising from staff vacations or medical leaves. This has driven up personnel costs, which has resulted in lower scores on patient satisfaction surveys. Ashford General Hospital faces significant challenges in nurse staffing ahead as it grapples with these issues, and the hospital board is very concerned. They know changes must be made in order to prevent a major financial and human resources crisis in the future. As the newly hired CEO, you are asked to present a proposal in the next board meeting. 

For your Final Paper, create a 10- to 15-page proposal (excluding title and reference pages) for the Ashford General Hospital board of directors. In your proposal 

• Include an executive summary. 

• Conduct research on five other hospitals in the United States that have dealt with these same issues and describe the solutions that were implemented. 

• Use your research to describe two solutions that are the most viable for Ashford General Hospital to implement within the next two years. 

• Create two stakeholder group analyses for the two solutions you selected. Each analysis should include at least five stakeholder groups (e.g., patients, hospital executive administration, accounting, human resources (HR), marketing, third-party payers, etc.). As part of your analysis, address the following questions: o Who is impacted? 

o What change processes may be required? 

o What fiscal impact would occur? 

o What are the ethical, legal, and diversity risk factors involved? 

Use the stakeholder group analyses to recommend the best solution for Ashford General Hospital with detailed justification. Explain why you feel it is the best and most viable solution given the financial impact, HR issues, interpersonal dynamics of hospital personnel, cultural shift, and change management