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PHI 103 Quizzes 1-5 Informal Logic - 2019 Answers

  • PHI 103 Quizzes 1-5 Informal Logic - 2019 Answers

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PHI 103 Quizzes 1-5 Informal Logic - 2019 Answers

  1. What is the conclusion in the following argument? Dogs are better than cats, since they always listen to what their masters say. They also are more fun and energetic.
  2. Inference is __________.
  3. Rhetorical arguments focus on __________.

    The conclusion of an argument is __________.

    The following is an important part of expressing arguments in standard form.

    According to the text, the emotions that we feel __________.

    The concept of warrant in logic refers to __________.

    According to chapter 1, formal logic _________________?

    An argument, as defined in logic, is __________.

    Which of the following is a claim?

    What is a claim?

    An argument is __________.

    Which of these is listed in chapter 1 of our textbook as an advantage of using logic?

    The word “because” is __________.

    This is one way to determine if one is encountering an explanation versus an argument:

    An argument in logic is _________.

    Reasons given to support a conclusion are called __________.

    The difference between deductive and inductive reasoning is:

    According to the book With Good Reason: A Guide to Critical Thinking, what is the best way to extract an argument from a passage?

    Identify the conclusion of the following argument.

    Too many intravenous drug users continue to risk their lives by sharing dirty needles. We should supply drug addicts with a way to get clean needles. This would lower the rate of AIDS in this high-risk population as well as allow for the opportunity to educate and attempt to aid those who are addicted to heroin and other intravenous drugs.

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