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PHI 103 Week 5 Quiz Informal Logic - 2019 Answers

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PHI 103 Week 5 Quiz Informal Logic - 2019 Answers

In an argumentative essay, the premises of the argument __________.



Which of the following is a not a categorical statement:


Confirmation bias is:


The principle of accuracy in logic is __________.


A sound argument is __________.


In argumentation, criticism is __________.


The thesis in an argumentative essay __________.


Which of the following is a valid form:


You know Communism was going to fail! After all, Karl Marx was an alcoholic!


Dogs are better than cats, since they always listen to what their masters say. They also are more fun and energetic.

True or False: The first sentence of this argument contains two premises.


Which of the following quotations represents an argument?


The objection in an argumentative essay __________.


“If it is dinner time, I am going out to eat. It is dinner time, so I am going out to eat.”


Not having a representative sample of a group is:


Both times I went to the movies at Northpark Mall the people watching the movies were extremely disruptive. That movie theater is horrible.


The principle of charity in logic is __________.


“Up to 80% of doctors endorse this project” uses which rhetorical device?


Deciduous trees are trees that shed their leaves. Maple trees are deciduous trees. Thus, maple trees will shed their leaves at some point during the growing season.

True or False: The statement, “Maple trees are deciduous trees,” is a premise.


In the field of logic, inductive arguments __________.


My father always only bought Ford cars. He said they were the best cars ever. So I only buy Fords.

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