POLI 330 POLI330 Week 5 TCO Assessment (Devry)


POLI 330 Week 5 TCO Assessment (Devry)

(TCO 4) What are your initial, nonlegal, thoughts on this case? How would you decide it based on your own belief structures? For example, if you were the judge in this case, would you would allow Mr. Trident to leave the hospital, thus bringing about his death? Or would you feel for Mr. Trident but side with the hospital because he clearly is not in the right mind to make such decisions for himself? Or would you perhaps side with the hospital because people should not be allowed to refuse medical treatment or go to the extreme of ordering the hospital to aid in the shortening of his life so that he did not have to suffer a painful death? What would you do? Please put some thought into your answer and provide at least 4–5 sentences as you explain it.

(TCO 4) What is the difference between moral and legal reasoning?

(TCO 4) In a true legal argument, should legal reasoning or moral reasoning be used?

(TCO 4) Mr. Trident is arguing that the hospital has violated his 14th Amendment right to due process. What part of the 14th Amendment is he referring to in his argument?

(TCO 4) Cruzan v. Director, Missouri Department of Health is a case studied in the right-to-die debate. What precedent did it help to establish?

(TCO 4) How does the Cruzan case factor into Mr. Trident’s argument?

(TCO 4) Given the precedent established in the Cruzan case, how would you now have to decide the case if you were the judge?

(TCO 4) What other U.S. Supreme Court cases deal with the right-to-die issue?