SCS 500 (SNHU)

  • SCS 500 Milestone One

    SCS 500 Milestone One ​Prescription drug abuse is a prevalent issue among young adults in the United States; where misuse is among one of the significant problems. Influences and motivations for the drug use among young adults are studied and...

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  • SCS 500 Smile Experiment

    SCS 500 Smile Experiment Abstract  ​The debate over the motives for facial expressions includes the three factors of empathy, social cues and acclimatization. Neurosurgery research informs us that imitating facial expressions as well as...

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  • SCS 500 The Scientific Skeptic

    SCS 500 The Scientific Skeptic ​The psychological claim in which is skeptical is conversion therapy. This claims that therapy can alter an individual’s sexual orientation using several forms of therapy. Many are spilt on this topic. Some people...

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