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SOC 312 Entire Course *Child family & Society*

  • SOC 312 Entire Course Child family & Society

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Week 1

DQ 1

Intentional & Unintentional Socialization

After reading chapter 1 of the course text, describe in 250-350 words Intentional Socialization and Unintentional Socialization. Provide three real life examples of Intentional and Unintentional Socialization, and explain how each relates to the designated theory.

DQ 2


For this assignment, choose someone, you know, who you consider to be successful.  Identify which socialization agents and methods were predominating in his/her life.  Was this person socialized so that he/she was destined to have positive outcomes or has he/she overcome many obstacles? Include examples that support your conclusion. This post should be 250-350 words.

Week 2

DQ 1

Family Experiences

Discuss the experience of two families from different socioeconomic classes: one family from the upper class and the other from the underclass.  Identify three major differences within the classes and the implications these differences will have on a child.

DQ 2

Parenting Styles

The text describes four basic parenting styles in chapter four. Describe each parenting style and list probable outcomes for a child based on the style of parenting he/she received. Provide an example of someone you know who was at an advantage or was at a disadvantage based on the parenting style he/she received at home. Your post should be a minimum of 250 to 300 words.

Week 3

DQ 1

Mesosystem Influences

Your text discusses the mesosystem influences on schools—connections between school and child, school and family, school and media, school and the community. Describe each of the connections and provide one example of something that schools are currently doing and one example of something, in your opinion, they are lacking.

DQ 2

Equal Opportunity

Do all children have an equal opportunity to achieve in school? Choose from one socioeconomic indicator, such as parental occupation, family income, or parental education. Using your text and supporting research, analyze the relationship between children’s achievement and socioeconomic status.

Week 4

DQ 1

Influence of Peers

The influence of peers during childhood can have a long-lasting effect on a person throughout their life. Review the Summary of Characteristics of Children Accepted vs. Neglected/Rejected by Peers table (pg 299). Discuss three ways in which adults can intervene to aid in the improvement of a child’s social skills and relationships with peers.

DQ 2

Socialization of Children

Describe the role of the screen media, print media, audio media and interactive multimedia in the socialization of children.  Analyze ways in which adults can mediate and monitor these roles.

Week 5

DQ 1

Values and Attitudes

After reading Chapter 12 of your text describe the difference between values and attitudes.  What are the factors that influence values and attitudes in children? In what ways are values and attitudes embedded in a child’s socialization?

DQ 2

Development of Morality

After reading chapter 12 in your text, discuss the major influences on the development of morality. Identify various ways that adults can promote moral growth in children.


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