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Strayer ACC 564 Final Exam Part 1&2 Answers

  • Strayer ACC 564 Final Exam Part 1&2 Answers

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Strayer ACC 564 Final Exam Part 1&2 Answers 

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ACC 564 Final Exam Part 1 (Spring 2016) Strayer


Question 1 .4 out of 4 points




An accounting information system (AIS) processes ________ to provide users with ________.


Question 2 .4 out of 4 points




Paid time-off policies, job descriptions, and procedures manuals are examples of information needed to support key decisions in what business process?


Question 3 .4 out of 4 points




Which of the following is a primary activity in the value chain?


Question 4 .4 out of 4 points




A change in the AIS that makes information more easily accessible and widely available within an organization is most likely to first influence the


Question 5 .4 out of 4 points




A frantic Stro Frinzel called the home office from Des Moines. "You have got to help me. I am about to close a great sale, but I have to be able to guarantee delivery by the fourteenth. I can't get through to the company Web site to verify delivery!" "Thank you for calling. Your call is very important to us. However, all of our lines are currently in use. Please try again later." Which of the following characteristics of useful information is absent in the situation described above?


Question 6 .4 out of 4 points




The coding technique most likely used for sales orders is called a


Question 7 .4 out of 4 points




The quality assurance department at a large manufacturing business enters data into the AIS that is used to produce a weekly report that summarizes the proportion of defective units in each product line. This is an example of


Question 8 .4 out of 4 points




A specialized journal


Question 9 .4 out of 4 points




Data must be collected about three facets of each business activity. What are they?


Question 10 .4 out of 4 points




A specialized journal would be most likely to be used to enter


Question 11 .4 out of 4 points




The Union Soup Kitchen is a non-profit organization that collects, stores, prepares and provides food to the homeless in Erie, Pennsylvania. Donations of food are recorded in a database and a receipt is provided to the donor. When food is used, the database is updated so that it always reflects the amounts and types of food that are available. In a data flow diagram, which type of symbol would be used to represent the flow of data from the donor into the system?


Question 12 .4 out of 4 points




A flowchart that depicts the relationships among the input, processing, and output of an AIS is


Question 13 .4 out of 4 points




In a data flow diagram of the customer payment process, "Customer payment" will appear above or in


Question 14 .4 out of 4 points




In general, a data destination will be shown by


Question 15 .4 out of 4 points




In preparing a DFD, when data are transformed through a process, the symbol used should be


Question 16 .4 out of 4 points




When the human resources manager wants to gather data about vacation and personal day usage by employees and by departments, the manager would use which language?


Question 17 .4 out of 4 points




The potential inconsistency that could occur when there are multiple occurrences of a specific data item in a database is called the


Question 18 .4 out of 4 points




The schema that provides an organization-wide view of the entire database is known as the


Question 19 .4 out of 4 points




The database requirement that foreign keys must be null or have a value corresponding to the value of a primary key in another table is formally called the


Question 20 .4 out of 4 points




In a relational database, requiring that every record in a table have a unique identifier is called the


Question 21 .4 out of 4 points




Which of the following is an opportunity that could contribute to employee fraud?


Question 22 .4 out of 4 points




Which of the following is the greatest risk to information systems and causes the greatest dollar losses?


Question 23 .4 out of 4 points




One fraudulent scheme covers up a theft by creating cash through the transfer of money between banks. This is known as


Question 24 .4 out of 4 points




Most frauds are detected by


Question 25 .4 out of 4 points




The most efficient way to conceal asset misappropriation is to


Question 26 .4 out of 4 points




A fraud technique that slices off tiny amounts from many projects is called the ________ technique.


Question 27 .4 out of 4 points




Computer fraud perpetrators that modify programs during systems development, allowing access into the system that bypasses normal system controls are using


Question 28 .4 out of 4 points




A fraud technique that allows a perpetrator to bypass normal system controls and enter a secured system is called


Question 29 .4 out of 4 points




Computer fraud perpetrators who use telephone lines to commit fraud and other illegal acts are typically called


Question 30 .4 out of 4 points




A ________ is similar to a ________, except that it is a program rather than a code segment hidden in a host program.


Question 31 .4 out of 4 points




________ controls prevent, detect and correct transaction errors and fraud.


Question 32 .4 out of 4 points




According to the ERM, these objectives help ensure the accuracy, completeness and reliability of internal and external company reports.


Question 33 .4 out of 4 points




Generally in a risk assessment process, the first step is to


Question 34 .4 out of 4 points




The process that a business uses to safeguard assets, provide accurate and reliable information, and promote and improve operational efficiency is known as


Question 35 .4 out of 4 points




According to the ERM, these help the company address all applicable laws and regulations.


Question 36 .4 out of 4 points




Which of the following is an example of a corrective control?


Question 37 .4 out of 4 points




The process of turning off unnecessary features in the system is known as


Question 38 .4 out of 4 points




The process that screens individual IP packets based solely on the contents of the source and/or destination fields in the packet header is known as


Question 39 .4 out of 4 points




According to the Trust Services Framework, the reliability principle of integrity is achieved when the system produces data that


Question 40 .4 out of 4 points




Compatibility tests utilize a(n) ________, which is a list of authorized users, programs, and data files the users are authorized to access or manipulate.


Question 41 .4 out of 4 points




Which of the following is not one of the three important factors determining the strength of any encryption system?


Question 42 .4 out of 4 points




Which of the following descriptions is not associated with symmetric encryption?


Question 43 .4 out of 4 points




An electronic document that certifies the identity of the owner of a particular public key. 


Question 44 .4 out of 4 points




Which of the following is not one of the 10 internationally recognized best practices for protecting the privacy of customers' personal information?


Question 45 .4 out of 4 points




These are used to create digital signatures.


Question 46 .4 out of 4 points




This determines the correctness of the logical relationship between two data items.


Question 47 .4 out of 4 points




This determines if characters are of the proper type.


Question 48 .4 out of 4 points




Check digit verification is an example of a(n)


Question 49 .4 out of 4 points




This batch processing data entry control sums a non-financial numeric field.


Question 50 .4 out of 4 points




What is the most effective way to ensure information system availability?


ACC 564 Final Exam Part 2 (Spring 2016) Strayer

1. In the ________ stage of an operational audit, the auditor measures the actual system against an ideal standard.
2. An auditor finds that employee absentee rates are significantly higher on Mondays and Fridays than on other work days. This is an example collecting audit evidence by
3. The ________ to auditing provides auditors with a clear understanding of possible errors and irregularities and the related risks and exposures.
4. According to the risk-based auditing approach, when a control deficiency is identified, the auditor should inquire about
5. Control risk is defined as the
6. During the sales order entry process, a ________ is performed to verify that each transaction record contains all appropriate data items.
7. The shipping department at Squishy Things Toy Company follows policies that determine which carrier will deliver orders according to the size, weight, and destination of the shipment. It maintains standing agreements with shippers that specify legal responsibility for the shipment while it is in transit. The terms of the agreements are documented on
8. When an ERP is used, it is assumed that there will be increases in efficiency and the effectiveness of the activities related to the revenue cycle. However, what must be in place and functioning well to fully realize these benefits?
9. Which of the following documents would normally trigger the process to record a customer payment?
10. A type of business document in which part of the original document is returned to the source for further processing is called a ________ document.
11. Duties in the expenditure cycle should be properly segregated to promote internal control. This means that the authorization function is performed by ________, the recording function is performed by ________, and cash handling is performed by the ________.
12. Procurement cards differ from corporate credit cards in which of the following ways?
13. What control should be put in place that assigns responsibility for EFT payments made to vendors?
14. Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) includes several variables that must be taken into consideration when calculating the optimal order size. One variable, the costs associated with holding inventory, is referred to as
15. The traditional approach to inventory management to ensure sufficient quantity on hand to maintain production is known as
16. When using electronic documents, ________ increase the accuracy of data entry.
17. Which department should have the sole ability to provide information to the AIS about hiring, terminations, and pay rate changes?
18. The document that lists each employee's gross pay, payroll deductions, and net pay in a multicolumn format is called
19. Companies that specialize in processing payroll are known as
20. Which of the following will limit a firm's potential loss exposure from paycheck forgery?
21. Recording interest earned on an investment is an example of which type of adjusting journal entry?
22. Departments that mostly provide services to other units and charge those units for services rendered should be evaluated as ________ centers.
23. Cheryl Liao is an accountant at Folding Squid Technologies. While making an adjusting entry to the general ledger, she received the following error message, "Your journal entry must be a numeric value. Please reenter." This message was the result of a
24. Budgets and performance reports should be developed on the basis of
25. An adjusting entry made at the end of an accounting period that reflects the exchange of cash prior to performance of a related event is classified as a(n)
26. Each event in an REA model will in most cases have at least one ________ agent and one ________ agent involved with the event.
27. The REA data model
28. Which of the following transactions is represented by the diagram below?
29. An entity-relationship (E-R) diagram
30. Relationships that affect the quantity of a resource are sometimes referred to as ________ relationships.
31. Refer to the table below, which shows the results of payback, net present value, and internal rate of return analysis of four projects. Which is preferred by the net present value criterion?
32. When using the payback method to determine economic feasibility of projects, the company usually accepts the project with the
33. Who is responsible for preparing the specifications that are used to create the programs?
34. Refer to the table below, which shows the results of payback, net present value, and internal rate of return analysis of four projects. Which is preferred by the payback criterion?
35. The capital budgeting technique where estimated future cash flows are discounted back to the present is referred to as
36. When canned software is used for systems acquisition, the maintenance aspect of the operations and maintenance phase of the SDLC
37. Benathir Donathat, director of the project committee, has received approval from management for implementation of a new accounting information system. After putting out an RFP, the committee settled on a vendor that will provide an industry standard software package and post-sale technical support. The committee decided to go with
38. The ________ method calculates and compares the processing times of different AIS to compare system performance.
39. End-user computing is likely to result in a(n)
40. What would be one duty of second-line help desk personnel?
41. One process used to uncover and eliminate program errors is known as
42. Who is responsible for identifying such risk factors in an implementation plan?
43. Which of the following describes a phase-in conversion?
44. Phil in Marketing got a call from Chuck in ITS. "Phil, the system just generated a stock-out report. I wanted to give you a heads up. I'm sending it right over." This is an example of a
45. Chuck in ITS got a call from Phil in Marketing. "Chuck, I need you to do something for me. Query sales data for the first quarter and pull out all of the invoices that include the snow blower discount. I need a count and the total amount of the discount. Thanks." This is an example of a


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