(TCO 1) A project is defined as a(n) _____ endeavor undertaken to create a(n) _____ product, service, or result.

MGMT 404  MGMT404 Week 4 Midterm Answers


  1. (TCO 1) A project is defined as a(n) _____ endeavor undertaken to create a(n) _____ product, service, or result.
  2. (TCO 1) Which document on a project authorizes the project manager to begin work on the project?

  3. (TCO 2) Project deliverables are created in the _____ , which is completed during the _____ phase of a project.

  4. (TCO 2) Which statement is an example of a project assumption?

  5. (TCO 3) The critical path in a project describes which of the following?

  6. (TCO 3) What values are calculated on the forward pass of a project network?

  7. (TCO 5) In which process of risk management is the risk register initially created?

  8. (TCO 5) A risk matrix is used in _____ to _____.  A risk register is a _____.

  9. (TCO 1) Before one can begin writing a charter, one must consider the most appropriate organization for the project. You are the project manager for an organization that builds doors and windows for homes. Which organization structure of the five types is most suitable? Why?

  10. (TCO 2) You are reaching the end of your graduate school program and are planning a large party to celebrate your success! You have rented out the local forest preserve as the venue for your party. Applying your project management skills, you want to ensure you have everything planned out and you’ve asked your family and friends to be a part of your team to hold this party. At your party, you have made it clear to your team what you want to have delivered. After all, it’s your party— you can have whatever you want! Some of the key items you want at your party include

  11. (TCO 3) Compare and contrast crashing and scope reduction as means of schedule reduction.

  12. (TCO 5) A firm stores data for other organizations. The company stores data across many states, providing backup data storage for state, municipal governments, and large corporations. The firm is deploying a new set of storage devices that are faster, denser, and more energy efficient.

    Part 1: List and discuss the major risk management functions from a project management perspective for the new data storage project. (15 points)

    Part 2: Describe a positive and a negative risk event, the related consequences, and the risk response plan for each of the two risks for the new data storage project. (5 points)

  13. (TCO 9) List and describe at least three key differences between risk management in an agile environment and risk management in a traditional project.