(TCO 1) Around age 14, children in colonial times

SOCS 315 Marriage and Family Week 1 Quiz Answers


(TCO 1) The effect of industrialization was to increase the proportion of families that were _____ families.

(TCO 2) In using the participant observation method, the researcher

(TCO 2) In sociology, theoretical perspective is defined as

(TCO 3) Susan is good at baseball, football, and ice hockey and you will frequently find her “roughing” it up with the boys. Susan's peers are likely to

(TCO 3) _____ are persons who believe that they were born with the body of the wrong sex.

(TCO 4) In a love relationship, predictability involves the expectation that one's love partner

(TCO 4) Tom and Mary have been married for three years and things have gone quite well with the relationship. Tom recently received a promotion that necessitates him working later in the day than he previously did, and this is beginning to affect Mary. She believes she is losing Tom. Mary is experiencing

(TCO 4) Sexual activities involving only the self are referred to as

(TCO 4) When Justin woke up, the love scene he dreamed about was still fresh in his mind. He also found that the front of his underwear was wet. A likely explanation is that Justin

(TCO 3) With regard to household chores, it would be safe to say that gay and lesbian couples

(TCO 3) Sarah and Tom, who have been living together for over 3 years, say that they have liberal views with regard to household chores. Which of the following statements best reflects what actually takes place in their relationship?