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(TCO 2) How many data types does Access recognize?


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  1. (TCO 2) How many data types does Access recognize?
  2. (TCO 2) Which of the following is used as a symbol for an entity?
  3. (TCO 2) Primary keys can be created
  4. (TCO 3) A relational table includes the following conditions EXCEPT
  5. (TCO 3) Relational table and relationship have different meanings; the difference is
  6. (TCO 3) The field property that ensures that the field is not empty is
  7. (TCO 3) All of the following are true about a property EXCEPT
  8. (TCO 4) All of the following make good candidates for a field on an employee table EXCEPT
  9. TCO 4) To ensure that a value of 15 or greater was entered into a field, you would use a
  10. (TCO 2) Which of the following is a property that determines how much physical storage the field requires in the database?

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