(TCO 3) ISO requirements include all of the following, except

GSCM 326 Total Quality Management Week 2 Quiz with Answers


(TCO 3) ISO requirements include all of the following, except

(TCO 3) According to your text, the Baldrige Criteria, and Deming's 14 points, strategy development requires a mission and vision. Commitment to aims and purposes by senior leaders is specifically addressed in the Leadership category discussed under

(TCO 3) In the context of the criteria for performance excellence, the aim of strategy development is to

(TCO 3) Leadership, strategic planning, and _____ categories represent the “leadership triad.”

(TCO 3) The criteria for the Canadian Awards for Business Excellence are similar in structure to the criteria for the

(TCO 4) In Juran’s quality trilogy, the process of meeting quality goals during operations is called

(TCO 4) Ishikawa is best known for developing a popular quality improvement tool called the

(TCO 4) According to Deming, a product or service possesses quality if

(TCO 4) According to Point 1 of Deming’s 14 points for quality improvement, the responsibility of improving a firm’s competitive position lies with

(TCO 4) With regard to quality management systems, a _____ serves as a permanent reference for implementing and maintaining the system.

(TCO 4) Briefly state some the observations Peter Scholtes made concerning what happens when people do not understand the theory of knowledge.

(TCO 3) How is Deming's Point 3 (understanding inspection) addressed in the Baldrige Award?