(TCO 3 Page 117) Which of the following is true about a small business?

BUSN 115 Introduction to Business and Technology Week 4 Quiz Answers


  1. (TCO 3 Page 117) Which of the following is true about a small business?
  2. (TCO 3 Page 119) One of the general characteristics of a small business is that it typically sells fewer products _____.
  3. (TCO 3 Page 120) Three factors contributing to the increased number of small businesses are technologies such as e-commerce, growing diversity in entrepreneurship, and _____.
  4. (TCO 3 Page 317) Charles is the purchase agent for a consulting firm. He places orders for office stationeries and consumables once in two weeks. The purchases are made in large quantities and are billed in the firm's name. The items that Charles buys are examples of _____.
  5. (TCO 3 Page 318) The introductory stage will be followed by a _____ stage for a successful product.
  6. (TCO 3 Page 319) People who monitor social media to spot shifts in consumer tastes are called _____.
  7. (TCO 4 Page 299) Which of the following statements is true about the consumer decision process?
  8. (TCO 4 Page 300) _____ refers to the increase in the value of a product with the number of customers who use it.
  9. (TCO 4 Page 302) Selling existing products to new markets is called _____.
  10. (TCO 4 Page 341) Wholesalers differ from retailers in that wholesalers _____
  11. (TCO 4 Page 341) Intermediaries that primarily sell goods and services to individuals for their personal use are called _____.
  12. (TCO 4 Page 344) Independently-owned businesses that buy from producers, take legal title to the goods, and then resell them to retailers or to organizational buyers are called _____.
  13. (TCO 4 Page 367) The government agency that has the authority to impose penalties against advertisers who violate federal standards for truthful advertising is the _____.
  14. (TCO 4 Page 368) E-Shopper is an online retailer of books, movies, music, games, electronics, toys, apparel, and general home items. The firm tracks the online activities of website visitors, such as the links that their website visitors click on, the searches they make, and the things that they interact with. Based on this information, they serve up ads based on what the website visitor appears to be interested in. In this example, E-Shopper uses which of the following promotional strategies?
  15. (TCO 4 Page 369) A television commercial promoting a new range of naturally flavored ice cream, manufactured by Ice Fountain, an ice cream and candy manufacturing firm, is an example of which of the following elements in the communication mix?