(TCO 4) According to research, a major reason why projects fail or are only partially successful is:

BIS 261 Requirements Gathering and Testing with Lab Week 2 Quiz Answers


1. (TCO 4) According to research, a major reason why projects fail or are only partially successful is:

2. (TCO 4) The Standish Group's list of reasons why IT projects fail includes all of the following except

3. (TCO 4) Organizing and directing other people to achieve a planned result within a predetermined schedule and budget is a definition of:

4. (TCO 4) By definition, the oversight committee for a project consists of:

5. (TCO 4) By definition, tasks that involve directing other people to achieve a planned result are:

6. (TCO 4) A philosophy of software development that embraces flexibility is described as:

7. (TCO 4) Defining the problem and producing the project schedule are classified as _______ activities.

8. (TCO 4) Improvements that will accrue to a company as a result of a project and its deliverables are known as:

9. (TCO 4) “Do we understand what we are supposed to be working on?” is the key question for which project planning activity?

10. (TCO 4) Which column in a risk analysis matrix provides an assessment of how badly the project will be affected if the risk materializes?

Part 2:

1. (TCO 4) The project management area concerned with identifying potential trouble spots in the project is:

2. (TCO 4) Potential shifting of political power due to adoption of a new system may represent a (n) ________________ feasibility risk.

3. (TCO 4) A deadline to complete a new accounting system before the start of a company's next fiscal year would represent what type of feasibility issue?

4. (TCO 4) Which of the following is an example of a resource feasibility issue?

5. (TCO 4) A comparison of the expenses of developing and operating a system versus its anticipated financial advantages is:

6. (TCO 4) Costs that are incurred after a system is up and running are termed:

7. (TCO 4) The value of anticipated benefits from a new system should be determined mainly by:

8. (TCO 4) The ____________ of a new system is calculated as the combination of all benefits and costs over the life of the system, stated in terms of today's dollars.

9. (TCO 4) Another term for the payback period is the:

10. (TCO 4) A measure of the percentage gain from an investment, such as a new system, is the: