(TCO A) Government in general, and public administration in particular, have changed fairly drastically over the past few decades.

PA 582 Public Policy Formulation Implementation  Week 8 Final Exam Answers
  1. (TCO A) Government in general, and public administration in particular, have changed fairly drastically over the past few decades. Explain some of the factors and trends that are transforming these areas.
  2. (TCO B) Equity should be one of the goals of an effective public policy. Explain how the adjudication model of decision making in public administration may help to achieve this goal. Also, mention at least one issue that may exist with the use of the adjudication model.
  3. (TCO C) Legislatures, whether the Congress of the United States or at a state level, often pass legislation that is vague. Hence, the policy mandates given to public administrators via the legislation are vague. Explain first why our elected representatives might create vague statutes and resulting policy directives. Then explain how this may shift policy making to public administrators.
  4. (TCO D) Explain why it is critical for the effectiveness of a public policy or program initiative to be measured. Please also define, or otherwise explain, the terms "policy outputs" and "policy outcomes."
  5. (TCO E) A public administrator working for a federal agency and overseeing the funding of the public policy implementation for its programs should be cognizant of the federal budget process. Please provide an overview of that process. Assume that you are the program director. Explain how your understanding of the process will assist you in that role.
  6. (TCO F) Creating a "public-private partnership" may be a way that a government may face financial and/or other challenges. First, please define the term: public-private partnership. Second, explain at least two areas of governmental services where such an entity may be useful in the proper circumstances.
  7. (TCO G) Your state has recently passed a law requiring each resident of the state to be covered by at least a minimum amount of health insurance. As a public administrator in charge of the implementation, describe the steps that you feel should be taken so that the policy can be placed in effect in a cost-effective manner.
  8. TCO H) A problem with government, some might say, is that once an agency is established to implement a new public policy, that entity may continue to exist year-after-year without evaluation as to its continuing relevance. A "sunset provision" when an agency is created may help to overcome this potential issue. Please define or otherwise explain the term "sunset provision" in the context of the creation of an agency. Also, explain how such a provision may help the public
  9. (TCO I) Democracy can be either direct or indirect. Please define both direct democracy and indirect democracy. Generally, which do we have in the United States? Explain briefly what role initiatives, referendums, and recalls might play in this distinction between direct democracy and indirect democracy.