(TCO A) Qualitative risk analysis

PROJ 595 PROJ595 Week 4 Midterm Answers

PROJ 595 PROJ595 Week 4 Midterm Answers

  1. (TCO A) Qualitative risk analysis
  2. (TCO A) You are the project manager of a new, innovative project. One overarching principle you adhere to is

  3. (TCO B) Project assumptions are created in the scope statement. These assumptions are revisited in which process of risk management?

  4. (TCO D) In which risk response strategies are risks guaranteed to not occur if they are negative and guaranteed to occur if they are positive after the response plan is initiated?

  5. TCO E) One the key functions of risk monitoring and control is to

  6. (TCO H) When using the ATOM process to manage risks, which is the importance of an initiation meeting?

  7. (TCO A) When is a risk register created? What is its importance of a risk register to a project?

  8. (TCO B) List and briefly define five specific tools and techniques that can be used to identify risk associated with projects.

  9. (TCO D) Explain avoidance as a risk response strategy, and provide an example of its use in a project.

  10. (TCO E) Describe what characteristics a performance measurement system, to be employed in a risk monitoring and control process for a project, should have. Include an example to help illustrate your answer.

  11. (TCO H) What is the importance of including stakeholders and risk owners in the creation and approval of risk response plans?