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(TCO A) Real estate is an appropriate investment vehicle for _

  • FIN 590 Real Estate Finance Week 4 Midterm Answers

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  1. (TCO A) Real estate is an appropriate investment vehicle for ______________________________ .
  2. TCO A) Which of the following is least likely to increase the efficiency of real estate markets?
  3. (TCO A) In traditional city patterns, the highest land use density is found in _____________ ,
  4. (TCO A) A property has a potential gross rent of $1,500,000; operating expenses of $765,750; a vacancy allowance of $45,000; and other income of $9,000. What is its effective gross income?
  5. (TCO A,B,C) The measure of how well a property is designed to do the job it is intended to perform is called _________________ .
  6. (TCO A,B,C) The revenue a property is expected to generate after adjusting for operating expenses, but before providing for debt service or income tax consequences, is ______________ .
  7. (TCO A,B,C) A property's desirability, relative to competing properties, is influenced by all of the following except ______________ .
  8. (TCO A,B,C) All of the following are locational characteristics, except _________________ .
  9. (TCO A,B,C) Which one of the following statements is true?
  10. (TCO A,B,C) Which one of the following institution lenders accounts for the greatest volume of real estate loans?
  11. TCO C, D) A note provision that permits the lender to declare the entire loan balance due and payable in the event of default is called _______________ 
  12. (TCO C, D) Which of the following represents a pledge of two or more parcels of land to secure a single loan?
  13. (TCO C, D) A mortgage note which has a contract rate of interest of 12 percent per annum was sold, after two years, at a price to yield the buyer a 10 percent rate of return if the note is held until maturity. The note _______________________________________________ 
  14. (TCO C, D) If a borrower pays discount points or a loan origination fee, one consequence of paying the loan off early (where there is no prepayment penalty) is __________________________ 
  15. (TCO C, D) The initial tax basis may include _____________________ .
  16. (TCO C, D) Potential disadvantages of the limited partnership include _______________________________________ .
  17. (TCO C, D) Which is a key difference between tenancy in common and joint tenancy?
  18. (TCO D) The realized gain on disposal of a property is ___________________________ .
  19. (TCO D) The tax basis of property acquired in a like-kind exchange ____________________________________ .
  20. (TCO D) The substitute tax basis of property acquired in a like-kind exchange ____________________________
  21. TCO A, B, C) What is the cause of a shift in a good's supply curve?
  22. (TCO C, D) An apartment house was purchased on July 8 of last year, by a taxpayer who computes her taxes on a calendar basis. Her depreciation deduction last year was $9,375. The building accounted for 75 percent of the property's market value at the time of purchase. What was the taxpayer's initial tax basis in the property?

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