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(TCO B) The most common method of detecting occupational fraud is:

  • ACCT 574 Forensic Accounting and the Legal Environment Week 2 Quiz Answers

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(TCO B) Which technique is considered to be an "off­book" fraud? 

(TCO B) Which of the following auditors is least interested in the materiality concept? 

(TCO B) Which would not be a direct IRS method for reconstructing taxable income? 

(TCO B) Based upon the following facts, determine a person's preliminary understatement of income:
Schedule C receipts $280,000
Schedule C expenses 135,000

Personal living expenses 65,000 

(TCO B) Which of the following is a public resource that can be accessed by the Internet? 

(TCO B) Banks must file which of the following forms when they become aware of suspicious customer activity related to possible money laundering? 

(TCO B) A first step in a money laundering operation is to: 

(TCO B) In what year was money laundering recognized as a separate criminal act by federal law in the United States? 

(TCO B) All of the following would be found in HTTP log files except:

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