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(TCO C) The work program is the key to:

  • ACCT 562 Auditing: An Operational and Internal Perspective Including Fraud Examination Week 3 Quiz Answers

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(TCO C) The work program is the key to:

(TCO C) Management, process owners, and key users of the process should all be ____________ in the work program.

(TCO F) What is the primary difference between cash larceny and skimming?

(TCO F) Which of the following is a method for concealing larceny of receivables?

(TCO F) All of the following are ways a fraudster might conceal cash larceny from the deposit except:

(TCO F) Jeff Lewis is an accounts receivable clerk for FTB Industries. As customers pay off their balances, Lewis posts the payments but pockets the money. He can conceal his theft by:

(TCO F) In one of the case studies in the textbook (page 104), Albert Miano, the facilities supervisor for a popular magazine, submitted phony invoices. When Miano received the checks for the phony invoices, he forged the contractor’s signature. He then endorsed the check in his own name. How was the fraud caught?

(TCO F) In one of the case studies in the textbook (page 91), a Southeastern medical college was plagued with fraudulent activity. What started as an investigation into some suspicious expense reimbursement activity eventually led to the discovery of a fictitious company that was set up to fraudulently bill the college for supplies that never existed. Which of the following red flags were found during the investigation?

(TCO F) According to the 2009 Global Fraud Survey, fraudulent disbursement schemes include:

TCO (F) Testing for _____ includes sorting payments by vendor, amounts, and invoices.

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