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(TCO E) Statement of condition looks at the following, except:

  • ACCT 562 Auditing: An Operational and Internal Perspective Including Fraud Examination Week 5 Quiz Answers

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(TCO E) Statement of condition looks at the following, except:

(TCO E) Criteria standards for the operational auditor include internal standards for the organization, such as _____.

(TCO E) When internal standards are lacking, the auditor must utilize a _____.

(TCO E) One of the functions of the operational review report is to

(TCO E) The ABC's of effective reporting include all of the following except:

(TCO F) To prevent and detect forged maker schemes, an organization should:

(TCO F) Which of the following is not a type of payroll scheme?

(TCO F) In one of the case studies in the textbook (page 167), Katie Jordon was the All-American Girl Next Door working her first job out of college. As an on-site manager for an apartment complex in Dallas, she did such a good job that when her employer purchased a huge apartment complex in Houston, they asked her to run it. All was good until a member of the maintenance crew resigned. She continued to keep him on the payroll and pocketed his wages. She later added a non-existent assistant when she saw how easy it was to add an employee without being questioned. However, her scheme eventually came to light, and her days of bonus pay were over. What was her motivation for stealing?

(TCO F) The offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting of something of value for the purpose of influencing a business decision without the knowledge or consent of the principal is known as:

(TCO F) In one of the case studies in the textbook (page 237), the General Services Administration (GSA), the federal government’s bookkeeping agency, purchased more than $200 million worth of defective and useless furniture from a New Jersey furniture manufacturer. After reviewing the books of the furniture manufacturer, it was clear that the company was paying off GSA inspectors. The investigators eventually focused on one particular regional inspector because:

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