(TCO9 )Which of the following is a variable cost?

BUSN 278 Business Administration Week 6 Quiz


(TCO9 )Which of the following is a variable cost? 

(TCO9) What is the primary difference between a static budget and a flexible budget? 

(TCO9) The Wiscow Manufacturing Company recorded overhead costs of $14,182 at an activity level of 4,200 machine hours and $8,748 at 2,300 machine hours. The records also indicated that overhead of $9,730 was incurred at 2,600 machine hours. What is the total estimated cost for 2,600 machine hours using the high- low method to estimate the cost equation? 

(TCO8)Southern Company’s budget ed and actual sales for 2009 were: 

(TCO 8) Southern Company manufactures Product X. The standard cost of one unit of output is $12.00 (four pieces at $3.00 per piece). During the first quarter, 5,000 units were made, at an actual cost of $10.50 per unit (three pieces at $3.50 per piece). What is the material quantity variance?