The Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) is given to students seeking admission to law school. If those who score high on the LSAT

PSY 326 Research Methods  Week 2 Quiz Answers


1.Question : The Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) is given to students seeking admission to law school.  If those who score high on the LSAT ultimately have higher grades in law school, while those with lower scores have lower grades, the LSAT is said to have _____________

Question 2.Question :__________________ is a type of research design in which the primary goal is to predict thoughts, feelings, or behaviors.

Question 3. The Posner Cueing task is a commonly used assessment of attention.  This task requires participants to respond as quickly as possible to the presence of a cue.  What type of behavioral measurement does this task employ?

Question 4. An investigator is interested in studying the sexual orientation of college students. She has participants indicate whether they self-identify as “gay/lesbian” “bisexual” or “heterosexual” and codes their responses accordingly. What type of measurement scale has this investigator used?

Question 5.__________________is the process of specifying the relationship between our conceptual variable and a quantitative measure

Question 6. In a recent study, the short-term memory of college students under the influence of alcohol was examined in which the students were given a beverage with no alcohol, 1 ounce of alcohol or 2 ounces of alcohol.  After the consumption of the beverage, the experimenter asked them to complete a forward digit span (how many digits they could remember in the order presented). What is the independent variable in this study?

Question 7. Dr. Simon is trying to determine how taking an exam causes an increase in subsequent memory for material covered on the exam.  What research design should she use?

Question 8. Studies have shown there is a relationship between the economic prosperity of a nation and the health of newborn infants.  One study found that there was a negative correlation between wealth (as measured by gross domestic product or GDP) and infant mortality.  Which of the following best describes this relationship?

Question 9. We use _______________ to communicate the patterns and distribution of our measured variables.

Question 10. Dr. Jones is conducting a study with 50 participants.  She created a spreadsheet in which she sorted participants in order of birth, so the oldest participant was first in the list and the youngest participant was last. Next, she coded an AGE variable for each person according to the order they were born (so the oldest is 1 and the youngest is 50).  What type of measurement scale has Dr. Jones used to code her variable of AGE?