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THEO 104 Quiz 5 Answers (Liberty)


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THEO 104 Quiz 5 Answers (Liberty)

  1. Ray Comfort suggests that when sharing our faith we should start with the natural and then go to the spiritual.
  2. Sanctification includes elements of being set apart in the past, continually being set apart in the present, and ultimate separation in the future. 
  3. According to the reading, feeling remorse over your sin is enough to save you.
  4. The roman soldiers broke the legs of Jesus and the thieves in order to hasten their death. 
  5. The bible teaches that individuals must earn his/her own salvation. 
  6. Justification is an Instantaneous act of God in the life of the believer. 
  7. Due to the fall in Genesis 3, mankind is actually in opposition to God.
  8. According to Ray Comfort what did John Wycliffe, Martin Luther, John Wesley and Charles Spurgeon have in common in the gospel message?
  9. The two main accusations made against Jesus were blasphemy and treason. 
  10. According to the reading, as a result of Adam’s sin, everyone is born onto the world spiritually dead because of trespasses and sins. 
  11. According to the reading, a person is saved from eternity in hell by a simple act of intellect. 
  12. Repentance is the same as feeling sorry. 
  13. Who asked to bury Jesus’s body?
  14. Which is not one of the “five points” of Calvinism?
  15. Conversion includes the elements of one’s intellect and emotions, but not ones will. 

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