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Which of the following is NOT a tool used in lean production?

  • BUS 445 Total Quality Management Week 4 Quiz Answers

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  1. Which of the following is NOT a tool used in lean production?
  2. Products are boxed in groups of 25. Drawing a sample of boxes and inspecting all units in the boxes selected is an example of systematic sampling.
  3. A deviation between what should be happening and what is actually happening that is important enough to make someone think that the deviation ought to be corrected is known as:
  4. Collecting, organizing, summarizing, and presenting data is referred to as statistical inference.
  5. A manager at a local manufacturing company has been monitoring the output of one of the machines used to manufacture small aluminum plates. Past data indicate that if the machine is operating “properly,” the length of the plates produced by this machine can be modeled as being normally distributed with a mean of 117 centimeters and a standard deviation of 5.2 centimeters. Suppose 10 plates produced by this machine are randomly selected. What is the probability that the average length of these 10 plates will be between 116 and 120 centimeters when the machine is operating “properly?”
  6. Special-cause variation tends to be easily detectable using statistical methods
  7. The following sample data were collected: 12.0, 18.3, 29.6, 14.3 and 27.8. The sample standard deviation for this data is equal to _____.
  8. When interactions are present in an experiment, main effects have little meaning
  9. The component of statistical methodology that includes the collection, organization, and summarization of data is called:
  10. Places where defective product is sent to be revised, corrected, reworked, or scrapped are referred to as:

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